Thursday, August 4, 2011

I want to be different...Just like everyone else.

When I was 14 my stepfather asked my why I dressed funny. I looked down at my black and white striped stockings, army green converse and boldly printed babydoll dress and said "Cuz I want to be different." And he answered, "Oh. I see! You want to be different. Just like everyone else!" It took me awhile to figure this one out. But when I did, I realized it was true. Everyone wants to be different. Everyone wants to stand out. So being different really isn't so different after all. We're all really doing the same thing....but differently. makes sense but still is as confusing as hell! SO after awhile I just gave up trying to be different and just decided to be myself.
 I am still not sure how well that is going to work out for me but it seems to have  been going okay so far. I am married, have two kids, a best friend who is like a sister to me and a family who drives me crazy but gives me unconditional love the same as I give them. They all seem to like me as myself. Crude jokes, inappropriate comments, raunchy sense of humor and all.
So all of this brings me to this question... How can I make my blog different? How can I make my blog stand out?
Answer: I can't.
And the truth is I really don't care. Everyone is blogging. Everyone has something to say. Everyone wants their blog to get the most hits and the most followers. Everyone wants their blog to be different...just like everyone elses! So I have decided, once again, to just be myself. You can love me or hate me. But I am doing this for myself. I'll say what I want and you'll either love it or hate it. But what do I care? No one is ever going to read my blogs anyway and if you are one of the few people who actually do for some strange reason, then "Hello to you"! Get ready for me to talk about nothing and everything all at the same time. I need an outlet for my thoughts. I usually subject my husband to my non stop ADDish thought process but maybe this blog will give him a break.
Not sure yet really what this blog will turn into in the future but for now I am just going to go with the flow. I'll dig around in my brain and see what I find....kind of like the Junk Drawer in your never know whats in there until you dig around in it. And sometimes you'll find tacks and a bottle opener, maybe  an old christmas card and missing sock. That's kind of how my brain's like a Junk Drawer...hence the name of my blog.  Maybe I'll write about my latest ghost hunting adventure,  a cool product I find on Etsy, a project I am working on, how my husband pissed me off, how slutty Lindsey Lohan's dress looked on the red carpet, evil thoughts I have about something or someone, what I am going to make for dinner. Oh! and lets not forget the shameless advertising I WILL do to promote my Esty Shop and my Scentsy Business <----- Shameless Advertising! :)
Who know's? Let's just wait and see how this blogging thing goes.


  1. Howdy neighbor! Thanks for stopping by my bog, and welcome to the party. So, curious minds want to know: exactly where are the ghosts around here?

  2. Hello!! :) Bloggahh! LOL! Love it!
    Oh where to begin....My favorite is the Mill Agents House in Vasselboro.
    But we've got a few haunted inn around here The Kenniston Hill iNN in Boothbay Harbor, The Kennebunk Inn, The Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth Tons of other great places too! Fort Knox, Fort Foster, The Readfield Historical Society The York Cemetery...just to name a few. Thanks for reading my very first blog. This all new to me. I thought I'd give it a shot as a way to blab on and on and not bore anyone! :)
    I found your blog through Twitter. I love it! :) We have lots in common!

  3. Well my dear, you are off to a good start, I LOVE your writing style, and could so see myself having a great time with you in real life. You are funny, you say what you want, you are a sahm like me, and we totally think alike, I LOVE it. Plus I know you have a kind and generous heart, so I TOTALLY love ya already!!!

    P.s. You are totally cute too, love your profile pic!!!

    So happy I ran across your shop, and that you let me know about your blog. Blogging is so much more personal. I would have never got to know you like this, from your etsy shop, SO mama, welcome to blogging, this is going to be fun.

    Of course I'm following you girl!!

    Hugs, Bell:0
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  4. Thanks again for your kind words! It means alot to me. Your blog is so's nice to see someone who knows what they are doing likes mine! I totally agree....we could so have a blast together if we ever got to hang out! I am glad you're folloing me! And I am so glad you found my shop becasue reading your blog totally gave me the push I needed to start blogging myself! I look forward to many great conversations with you!