Monday, September 12, 2011

Random thought

So why in these modern times, when we are WELL aware of the growing obesity problem in our country, do fast food restaurants continue to make things bigger with even more calories? A triple quarter pounder??? Really? Triple cheese burgers with bacon? The Big and Tasty breakfast sandwich from D&D. 2 eggs with four pieces of bacon and cheese on texas toast?  And yet, things like granola bars have gotten smaller over the past couple of years. I just don't get it. I mean I'll be honest here....I eat at Micky D's once in awhile. I get a craving for a big Mac every now and then. And fries...oh yes fries! yum. But isn't just a regular order of fries enough? Now they try to get you to super size it? I wonder why Americans are so fat? hmmm.... could it be that it's cheaper to buy fast food than it is to buy fresh produce? And ONE burger has all of your calories for the day! It's just gross. Okay enough venting... just a random thought I had while sitting at a stop light this morning next to a dunkin' donuts. I saw the sign for their new breakfast sandwich and it put me into a rant. I'll stop now. ;)

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